Azraq Wetland Reserve named ‘Peace Park’ by IIP

In recognition of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature s (RSCN) efforts to protect the Azraq Wetland Reserve and its natural resources, as well as its contribution to the development of the local community, a delegation from the International Institute for Peace (IIP) on Saturday announced that the Azraq Wetland Reserve has been designated as a "Peace Park" for visitors from around the world.

This announcement is a testament to the international recognition of the importance of the Azraq Wetland Reserve, “a unique oasis” in the Eastern Desert that contains a treasure of biodiversity. 

The reserve is located on one of the most important bird migration routes in the Kingdom, and is home to one of the rarest species of fish, the Azraq Killifish, or Aphanius sirhani, according to a RSCN statement.   2 RSCN 0

The reserve also shows off diverse local cultures, including the Druze, Chechens and Bedouins.

Acting RSCN Director-General Fadi Al Naser emphasised the importance of the Azraq Wetland Reserve as a model of unique biodiversity and its role in developing the local community in Azraq. 

This global achievement reaffirms Jordan s position on the international map in nature conservation and local community development, and will help boost tourism in all its forms, he added.

Donald King, IIPT Ambassador at Large, said that the celebration is a living example of encouraging a culture of peace, motivating all visitors to be “ambassadors of peace”. 

The RSCN s role in the Azraq Wetland Reserve is in line with the spirit of the initiative to promote peace and love, he said, expressing hope that more sites around the world would join the initiative and become part of the programme, which encourages the tourism industry to create a "culture of peace."

The IIPT Global Peace Parks aims to nurture the growth of peace and understanding at home and throughout the world; enhance awareness of a community’s commitment to peace and a healthy environment; create common ground for the community to come together in celebration of their nation’s people, land and heritage, and the common future of all humankind; reflect on our connectedness to one another as a Global Family and to our common home, planet Earth, according to the official IIP website.


Source: the Jordan Times.


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