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Even though Jordan is a small country, and most parts of it are deserted, but it has for sure some places and sites that you cannot see on other countries, In fact, most of my long - Jordan Day tours - visitors have noticed the dramatically change from one place to another , like when starting from Amman , around 1000 metres above sea level , with moderate temperature , moving to the dead sea area , where we need to go down for around 1400 metres , and the temperature gets up in less than an hour more than 10c, driving for couple hours through Jordan valley highway, and gets up once again through unbelievable mountains structure, passing through some of the natural reserves , and keep driving through the desert highway , till we reach finally one of the best places ever in Jordan for relaxing, feeling and watching the beautiful desert nature , I mean Wadi Rum or Rum Valley …

Wadi Rum Camping: 

Wadi Rum is my favourite place in Jordan , and camping in Wadi Rum is not just go and camp, choosing the right place to create camp starts even from home and before doing anything else, using of the modern technology like the Internet will save a lot of your time and efforts in finding wright places for camping, and I mean particularly using of Google earth to find some of the spots that normally  takes long time to find it on the ground, preparing camp tools, equipment, away-from-civilization or life-necessity materials like water, food, even wood for fire (the only thing that we won t be able to take with us is the Bathroom ... driving off road through the desert to reach the camp area, preparing the camp area, setting the tents,  setting the campfire and setting area, securing camp perimeter, and a lot of things more than that you need to be aware off … it s not that easy process, but when you start doing it, you will love every piece of it ,,, maybe just like me ….

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Find your camp spot:

It s possible for sure to find the good spot by roving in the desert, and moving from a canyon to another, but this is the hard way in my opinion, especially when you will be moving in a wide area like Wadi Rum, and if you are coming from far away area like me, and I was not born or even lived on that area, then this going to be a tough and time consuming process, unless you will be enjoying roving the area , and for sure this a joyful event, but time always is the line separator and you need to find your site before it gets dark, in order to set your camp while there is some light. Using of a GPS device is highly recommended and it will help a lot for sure, to be more precise on that, you can’t move on a wide area like rum valley without using such device, on all our trips to the valley I used to pick my spot on Google Earth on my ipad, and keep the application open, because there would be no Data signal on the valley but the GPS on the device will be working, so you will be able to know your location and where are you going.


Sunrise and Sunset time:

Wadi Rum sunrise and sunset times are important when planning your arrival, departure and activities. These times of the day are cherished by photographers and highlight the amazing red colours of the desert. We have sunrise ballooning and many guests try to time their 4×4 tours to end at a sunset viewpoint.

Wadi Rum is located in Southern Jordan near the equator, therefore the day length varies by only 3 hours throughout the year. Sunrise remains near to 06:00 year round, while sunset 16:45 in the middle of winter and 19:45 in the middle of summer. When planning your trip it is important to know that daylight savings time in Jordan is from after the last Thursday in February until after the last Thursday in October.

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Wadi Rum Weather Facts

In Wadi Rum, the weather is pleasant year-round. August is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 34 degrees Celsius. During heat waves, temperatures can rise to over 40 degrees Celsius. With an average temperature of 14 degrees Celsius, January is our coldest month.

Further, precipitation is limited to, on average, 15 days a year. These days are spread over the year, leaving the summer months without rain. Being one of the driest places on earth, most of the time, rain comes in short, light rain showers. Hence substantial and prolonged rains are rare. While you maybe would not expect it, we occasionally enjoy some snowfall during the winter months. 

The amount of daylight hours varies from 10 hours during wintertime up to 14 hours during the summer. And the sun hours per day range from 8 hours in winter up to 13 hours during summer.


Seasons in Wadi Rum Desert:

Each season in Wadi Rum has its specific weather characteristics and comes with its upsides and downsides. To give you an insight into each season, we wrote a blog for each of the seasons. All blogs provide valuable information on the weather conditions and each seasons’ characteristics. But especially the blogs about summer and winter as useful to read as they clear up some harsh preconceptions. All in all, the blogs can be a great help when you want to determine which season fits you best.


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