Book Wadi Rum Jeep Tour and Enjoy the Magnificent Desert Landscape

If you are planning to visit the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan, you really need to book a Wadi Rum jeep tour. It is the best way to see the desert, visit all of the things to see in Wadi Rum, and have a real Jordan adventure. We also highly recommend you to spend the night before or after your tour in a Wadi Rum Bedouin camp so you make the most of your time and can witness beautiful sunrise and sunset in Wadi Rum.

Booking a Wadi Rum jeep tour will make your tour a lot easier. You will get an experienced driver who will be knowing every corner of this desert. He will take you to the most beautiful attractions and tell you more about the life of Bedouins and how they live nowadays. Also, the jeep tours are affordable and you are sure to enjoy the most unique experience.

Choosing a Wadi Rum Jeep Tour

The jeep tours will allow you to visit the most sites in the least amount of time as well as reach some of the far-away attractions to Wadi Rum and beyond. Even on booking shorter jeep tours, you can visit soaring Jabaal, sand dunes, rock arches, scenic canyons, and Nabatean sites. By booking longer jeep tours you will visit some of the least-visited spots in Wadi Rum while giving you a deeper, more memorable experience in the desert that includes visiting traditional Bedouin families.

What to Expect from a Wadi Rum Jeep Tour

Let’s talk about the vehicle first….


The 4*4 jeep

The jeeps are actually pick-up trucks converted so that tourists can sit in the back and that is quite comfortable. But when booking a jeep tour keep a note that it’s extremely hot in Wadi Rum during summer. And most jeeps do not have a roof to give you shade. However, some of them have roofs and we recommend booking one of them. The ride will be quite bumpy. As there are no roads, you will pass over bigger or smaller dunes along the way.

The weather and what to wear

Wadi Rum is extremely hot during the summer. So, cover yourself and wear long pants, preferably a long-sleeve blouse and something to cover your head. Do not forget to carry sunscreen and some water!

Wear sunglasses if you have sensitive eyes. They will protect you from small sand particles. Avoid wearing sandals or flip-flops. As you will have to climb through the sand it’s best to wear sneakers.


Before booking your tour, talk to your driver about any activities that you would like to try. You can choose a camel tour or try sand-boarding. Make sure to ask beforehand whether these activities are included in the tour price, and if not, how much they cost.

Bedouin Camps

While exploring Wadi Rum you are sure to choose at least one Bedouin camp. These small camps come in the shape of souvenir shops. You can buy something little to remind you of visiting this incredible place. Most Bedouin camps are located near important attractions like the Mushroom Rock or the Um Fourth Rock.

Booking a Wadi Rum jeep tour is one of the must-have experiences in Jordan. Spending time in the desert will make you realize how incredible nature is. To book a reliable jeep tour in Wadi Rum, visit Rum Magic Nights.



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Is it Possible to Do Some Hiking in Wadi Rum? Do We Have a Guide Who Will Speak with us During Jeep Tour? How many people are there on the jeep tour?

The Jeep tour –Safari Tour- at Wadi Rum is driven by the locals (Bedouins) and they speaks very little English, Wadi Rum tour actually is moving from one spot to another while giving you the time to do some hiking (like walking in one the massive canyons or climbing up one of the natural arch bridges - soft climbing- or climbing over one of the sand dunes. On most cases our driver will be with you on the tour at Wadi Rum unless the camp is full where he needs to arrange his accommodation himself and won t meet you till next day after completing the Jeep tour at Wadi Rum. The tour on most cases is for the same group (so it would be only for you and your partner).  No tour guides are available at Wadi Rum so this is not an option. 

Is it a Good Idea to Visit Jordan During Ramadan? Are all Restaurants at the Hotels Working/Functioning as Usual?

Travelling during Ramadan has its advantages and disadvantages and only YOU can decide whether the benefits outweight the inconveniences for YOU or not.

What is Jordan Pass? What Does Jordan Pass Includes ?

Jordan Ministry of Tourism has launched what is called Jordan Pass , it is an online ticket that would waive out visa entry fees and it includes a free entry to 41 sites in Jordan for 99$/P (If you stay a minimum of three nights in Jordan)  , so having this pass before arrival would remove visa entry fees and entry to 41 sites in Jordan including Petra & Rum of course ( it is 70JD/ P )  check for more details ..


How Much Does Petra Tour Cost Starting from Amman ?

Petra day tour from Amman for one traveler would cost 160$ ( Not including entry fees or tour guide).

Petra and Rum from Amman would cost 499$ for one person including one night at Rum with dinner + breakfast + Jeep Safari tour at Rum for 2 hours  ( Not including entry fees or tour guide). full guided tour - escorted with a licensed tour guide would cost more for sure. Price becomes more convenient for more travelers. 

Can We Do Petra & Rum Tour in One Day ?

The main issue with Petra and Wadi Rum tour actually in winter time in one day is timing itself , and  it might be difficult to do because: It takes 3 hours driving from Amman to reach Petra .

Petra site is huge and the minimum recommended time to spend on the site is 4 hours (Some people spend full day in the site from sunrise to sunset ) , Driving time from Petra to Wadi Rum is 2 hours, The minimum tour time at Wadi Rum is around 2 hours ( Jeep Safari tour ). Sunset time is around 04:30. Saying this , and even if you started from Amman early morning at 07:00, reach Petra at 10:00 , take the tour and leaves at 14:00 , reach Wadi Rum at 16:00 - no enough time to make even the Jeep tour at Wadi Rum..

We usually cover Petra and Wadi Rum in two day tour and spending the night at Rum vallely as well, saying all this however; it would be possible during summer time, where sunset time at Wadi Rum is around 7pm.



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