At Wadi Rum, what other night activities are there?

If It Is Not Cold, You can do Hiking, Camp Fire Activity,, in Bait Ali there are big restaurant with parties, dancing ,,,

Do I need a special thing during my trip to Rum?

You will need your personal things like a towel , having a spare light is good , but don t worry about that ... it might become chilly at night , so having a soft jacket would be a good idea .

Can you give me brief information about sleeping at Wadi Rum?

We usually offer a stay at Bedouin Camp, all tents are furnished with 2-3 single beds -private tents but (shared Bath rooms), including dinner and breakfast,, you can find Pictures and more information on their site:  ,,

Another choice is Bait Ali Camp, Bait Ali Camp, it’s like saying 5* comparing to other Rum camps, they have electricity, tents , chalets (small twin, medium &large chalets with a bath & shower) and big restaurants , but this option would cost 50$ more / Person



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