Kenyans removed from restricted nationality list

The Cabinet also decided to facilitate the procedures of obtaining visa for Indians and Chinese nationals, as part of efforts to attract foreign investments, which is hoped to contribute to stimulating economic development and creating job opportunities.

Out of the top 500 CEO’s of the world’s leading companies, 200 are Indian according to Petra. 

Jordan has positive bilateral relations with Kenya, the news agency continued, adding that this can be “Jordan’s gateway towards cooperation with African countries”. 

There are also bilateral plans to sign a free-trade agreement between the two countries.

For China, which is a leading global economy, Jordan will simplify the procedures for obtaining entry visas for Chinese businesspeople and private sector’s members to encourage them to invest in the Kingdom.

There are around 60 nationalities from all continents that are listed as “restricted” and are required to obtain an entry permit prior to arrival.  


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