Locals welcome Ajloun Cable Car project with open arms

The launch of Ajloun Cable Car project was met with great optimism from local residents, who believe that the project “will breathe new life” into the area.

Also known as the Ajloun Teleferique, the Jordan Free and Development Zones Group-managed (JFDZ) project, started welcoming visitors on Friday and is open from 11am to 6:30pm.

Ajloun Cable Car

Residents and travel experts expressed optimism regarding the project, expressing their expectation of an increase in both domestic and international tourist visits to Ajloun. 

A surge in tourism is expected to have a positive impact on the local economy and will push authorities to address the longstanding demand for infrastructure improvements, particularly the need to widen the narrow roads in Ajloun.

Ajloun resident Sameer Rabadi told The Jordan Times that the project is a “fantastic addition” to Ajloun. 

“The project will undoubtedly attract tourists and put Ajloun on the map as a must-visit destination in the Kingdom,” Rabadi added. 

“More tourists mean more businesses and job opportunities for our community,” he added, noting his hopes for the project to inspire officials to make improvements to Ajloun’s narrow streets. 

Local business owner Mohammed Al Qudah expressed his support for the project. 

“The Ajloun Cable Car will bring more visitors to our businesses, benefiting the entire community. It will also create new job opportunities and stimulate economic growth in Ajloun,” Qudah told The Jordan Times. 

Qudah added that Ajloun residents anticipate a significant increase in tourist arrivals, echoing the thought that the economic benefits of the project will provide the necessary momentum to address Ajloun’s infrastructure needs.

Local tour guide Ahlam Serhan told The Jordan Times that the project offers a unique perspective of Ajloun’s historical and natural landmarks. 

“The project will enable tourists to gain a deeper understanding of the region’s rich history and cultural significance,” Serhan added. 

Serhan noted that the cable car will encourage sustainable tourism by minimising the impact on Ajloun’s natural resources. 

“It will allow visitors to appreciate the beauty of the area without disturbing the ecosystem,” Serhan said. 


Source: The Jordan Times.


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