Equip Dead Sea Area with more Health Emergency Services

“Providing immediate health services to guests at the Dead Sea is imperative for us. We have to make sure that there are enough services to handle all the common emergency cases in this touris location,” she said.dead sea 3

Annab explained that there are currently a few health facilities at the Dead Sea area, but said that “they are not equipped to serve patients in emergency situations such as drownings or cardiac arrests and noted that the nearest hospitals are “not close enough”.

“Our objective is to provide small health facilities and hotel clinics with the necessary resources to take care of those emergency situations that are known to take place in the area,” Annab said, adding that “the main aim is to treat these situations on the scene in order to cut the transportation time, which is essential in emergency situations.”dead sea

However, the plan is yet to be defined. “This is a plan that we are working on,” the minister stated, noting that “this is an issue that the ministry is definitely focusing on, but the specific action plan has not been outlined yet


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