Jordan Authorities Tackle 30,000 Violations on Water Resources Since 2013

AMMAN —  As the national crackdown on violations on water resources and networks enters its fourth year, authorities on Saturday announced that over 30,000 violations on water mains and resources have been prevented.

The campaign, started by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation in the summer of 2013, has seen the retrieval of millions of cubic metres of stolen water and the prevention of the drilling of illegal wells, a source at the ministry said.

 Ayla - Aqaba

Underwater Search Planned for Clues to Early Islamic City of Ayla - Aqaba

AMMAN — For the first time ever, archaeologists will carry out an underwater excavation in July in the Gulf of Aqaba, hoping to discover the sunken ruins of the early Islamic city of Ayla, a marine conservationist said on Thursday.

Excavations Overturn Long-Held Beliefs about Ancient Kingdom of Edom

Excavations Overturn Long-Held Beliefs about Ancient Kingdom of Edom

AMMAN — Excavations in the lowlands of Edom show conclusively that the Iron Age social complexity and emergence of the Kingdom of Edom, known from biblical texts, began 500-400 years earlier than previously thought, according to a Jordanian archaeologist.


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